OAHU - "The Gathering Place"

Oahu, known as "The Gathering Place", is the home of the world famous Waikiki Beach. Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona; the Polynesian Cultural Center are must-see historical highlights. A drive around the island reveals a surprising variety of sights and experiences. You can marvel at the prowess of surfers riding 30 foot waves at renowned Sunset Beach. The view from Makapuu Lighthouse regularly includes whales frolicking in the ocean below.

The days you spend on Waikiki's beautiful beach are unforgettable. The incredible color and soothing temperature of the ocean promise many joys for those who want to get wet. Be sure to make time to enjoy Waikiki's many shopping and dining opportunities. For those of you looking for more serene Oahu vacations, the Kahala or Ko Olina areas offer unparalleled tranquility with deluxe accommodations.

MAUI - "The Valley Isle"

Called the "The Valley Isle" because its valley was formed between two between two volcanoes, Maui provides a variety of experiences from active to serene. Maui is home to Lahaina, a historic 18th-century whaling port. Each year from December through March, the whales return to the warm shallow waters of Haleakala, a 13,000 ft. dormant volcano that forms the southeastern portion of the island. Maui's famous "Road to Hana" transverses are abundant picturesque landscapes in the world.

Maui vacations offer a combination of fun and beauty. You can visit this again and again and still not have time to do everything, or dine in all of its restaurants. If you enjoy the ocean, Maui has miles of beaches and endless varieties of water activities. Golfing and tennis opportunities are abundant if you prefer, bring your beach towel, catch some sun and play in Maui.s refreshing waters.

HAWAII - "The Big Island"

Hawaii, also known as "The Big Island", is equal in size to all the other islands combined. Upon arrival at Kona International Airport, you might think you have arrived on the moon because of the massive lava flows.

This island has a unique and varied topography: active volcanoes, mile of lava rock fields, beautiful green landscapes, magnificent waterfalls, large ranches, quaint towns, and the Kohala Coast communities with their sparkling beaches and upscale resorts.

Due to the extensive volcanic activity, the number of natural beaches are limited. However, the waters off the coastline offer wonderful experiences for fisherman, boaters and divers.

KAUAI - "The Garden Island"

Considered to be one of the most beautiful locations in the world, Kauai surrounds you with lush tropical beauty. The abundance of forested environment makes this . The Garden Isle.. Treat your senses with our Kauai vacations. Enjoy beautiful horizons, magnificent rainbows, jewel-toned oceans, exotic flowers and colorful birds.

Kauai is a serene island with a multitude of spectacular beaches. You could spend months here and still not get to all of them. Driving time from one end of the island to the other is approximately 1.5 hours. It is not possible to circumnavigate the island by car.

MOLOKAI - "The Friendly Island"

Molokai sways to the gentle rhythms of life in the South Seas. Known as "The Friendly Isle", this quite island offers a unique perspective. Many Hawaiians here still exist much in the fashion of their ancestors, reaping fish from the sea. Days are spent in a carefree manner, and nights pass in a relaxed mood of tranquility. A few hotels and condominiums are scattered along the islands western and south shores.

LANAI - "The Pineapple Island"

Lanai vacations offer a private island experience, petite and pristine. Untouched, unspoiled, and uncrowded, this Island is still Hawaiian in every sense of the word. Until recently, the tiny island of Lanai was covered by a silvery-green blanket of pineapple plantations, but now is home to two resorts blooming into world-class status.